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The Averta range allows our customers and any specifiers to configure the doorsets by choosing one of our frame types, their preferred door type, the glazing system and any compatible hardware. We will assist in making sure that all combinations work together and meet the Q-Mark Certification guidelines.

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Doors, Frames or Doorsets

This last year or two we have noticed that the majority of customers now want to install complete doorsets.
This gives the peace of mind and assurance that all aspects of the doorset are manufactured in a controlled and audited environment.
It also reduces time and labour on site, increases the accuracy and gives a higher level of third party certification.

Whilst we would always recommend a complete doorset, we are still happy to supply any part of the processed doorset.
If this is preferred, just let us know and we can advise and price accordingly.
In this situation, our manufactured components will be Q-Mark plugged but this may not mean the final doorset carries certification.

  • Door frame only
  • Door only
  • Door and frame separate (pre-hinged)
  • Doorset (without ironmongery)
  • Complete doorset (ironmongery included)

Averta – The Development

The Averta Range; initially developed by Acorn Doorsets when a regular customer requested that we put forward a standard doorset design that followed a constant theme regardless of type of door, fire or acoustic rating.

This particular customer was heavily involved in planned maintenance, replacement doorsets and new build projects, mainly in hospitals. This scope invariably covered a wide variety of doorset designs and configurations, matching those already installed and those drawn by the architects and designers.

Despite the majority of these doorsets being a relatively high specification for high traffic areas, they soon became our easiest type of design. The consistency of design meant that the bespoke doorsets then became our standard. The look, the feel and the quality repeated on every order, making manufacturing, specifying and installing easier for everyone involved.

These design principles have since been expanded to cover the needs of other customers.
The Averta range has since grown but carries the same consistency and attention to detail in every doorset.

Averta – Third Party Certified

The BM Trada Q-Mark scheme allows for manufacturers such as ourselves to become licensed to create fire doors, door frames and doorsets using a variety of door blanks or doors. For each door core or door that we use within the scheme, we had to approach and be accepted by the door blank or door manufacturer and then have BM Trada add these doors to our certificate.

We have been issued with a specific fire test assessment for each of these doors and for each of the different fire ratings, which lay down every aspect of our manufacture for each individual door type, configuration and fire rating.
The assessments are essentially a working handbook to ensure that each doorset is manufactured in the exact same way as the doorsets which were physically tested.

Acorn Doorsets is audited every six months by BM Trada to ensure that we are complying at every step.
The scheme also requires us to carry out a Fire Audit Test of a doorset of BM Trada’s choice every 2-1/2 years.

Averta – Design

Although all the door assessments are individual to each door core manufacture and fire rating, there are also many consistent factors across the range. These factors and variances have been analysed by ourselves and brought together in a common design which runs throughout the Averta range.

As some door blanks have different specifics, our contract review for each and every doorset begins by checking against the door core and fire rating being used but the main basis of the Averta Range is that our doorsets can be made up of many different options, all resulting in a technically correct, high quality product that will perform as tested.

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