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A Brief History

Many years ago, we decided that the way forward for Acorn Doorsets (then Acorn Timber & Joinery Ltd) was to embrace accreditation and certification in order to improve as a company and more importantly, to improve the quality and the scope of the products that we supply.

Although we used to meticulously follow manufacturing details from the various door blank manufacturer’s global assessments and handbooks, we realised that we only had our word and our reputation to prove to customers that our products would perform as intended.

Our journey into certification began by achieving ISO:9001 status and subsequently joining the Certifire Fire Door Modifiers scheme . After a couple of years, we then became Certifire Fire Door Manufacturers which allowed us a much wider scope, particularly needed for the commercial fire door market.

Seeing the need to demonstrate that our materials came from sustainable sources, Acorn Doorsets also achieved Chain of Custody accreditation.

We feel that accreditations are the cornerstone of our business, they are immensely important, not only to our own company but to all of our customers and suppliers as well.

Certification and Accreditations – What are they for?
They allow us to demonstrate on-going compliance to the original specification.

We put ourselves forward to be regularly audited in all aspects of our work to prove that we are manufacturing correctly, each and every time

Recently we decided to withdraw from our ISO:9001 status to concentrate our efforts on product specific certification.
We still retain all of the process involved in ISO:9001 but we are no longer audited.

As our production of fire doors, frames and doorsets increased in quantity we have also progressed away from the Certifire Schemes to join to BM Trada Q-Mark Fire Door Scheme which has been prevalent in the development of our Averta Range.

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BM Trada

Certificate No 872

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Chain of Custody


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Chain of Custody


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British Woodworking Federation

Membership No 614098

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Certified Trained User of


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